8 Time Management Tips for When You’re Stressed and Depressed

Time management usually isn’t something you can handle when stressed and depressed. After all, self-care techniques teach us to leave it all for another day. However, if you’re the sole breadwinner or building your business, leaving things undone can only add to your stress, not help it. Here’s what I did to stay productive even when stressed and depressed.

Time can feel like it's slipping away from you when you’re stressed and depressed.

Remember; Nothing is More Important than Your Sanity

It doesn’t matter what’s the deadline. It doesn’t matter if there was a mistake. A new change in your life…it doesn’t matter. Nothing is more important than your next calming breath. Let everyone else panic if they want to. The building could be burning, but you focus on keeping your mind clear for at least two seconds before you act. And when you do act, do so with a calm collected mind that is in control and not worried about anything, but performing at your best.

Pace Yourself With Your Body and Not the Clock

The worst thing you can do if you’re stressed and depressed is worry over the passage of time. Pomodoro might work for everyone else, but all it will do for you is add another thing you have to worry about. When your body is ready to work. Get as much done as you can. When it asks for a break, take it.

Never Put Off Natural Sleep

Now, you have to be sure it’s natural sleep and not depression sleep. When you’re low, you might want to sleep all the time and then don’t sleep when you’re supposed to. Forcing your body to keep natural sleep rhythms can assist in keeping your emotions in check. According to several studies, scientists have also discovered that sleep disruption affects levels of neurotransmitters and stress hormones in your brain, which may impair your emotional regulation.

Do Whatever You Feel Like Doing

This may seem like counterproductive advice, but this is vital to building healthy boundaries and habits. The word ‘no’ is your shield and ‘yes’ should give you wings. Don’t say yes to activities unless they are beneficial to your future and overall joy. Say no to things and people that further drain your precious energy. Basically, you need to take charge of your life and say FU to negative input, no matter the source.

Depression comes with highs and lows. So, making the best use of your time when things are good can give your brain a little silver lining when things aren’t so good.


It is scientifically proven that decluttering can change your mood and is great for improved mental health. Even without the backing of research, I’ve discovered that I felt more at peace in clean, organized surroundings. Before you tackle any new project, clean up and get rid of any useless things in your space.

Write Down What Needs to be Done

Declutter the mind from to-do lists by writing down only the most important tasks that you need to get done, like your grocery list. If you’ve never been depressed, you won’t understand how important it is to keep track of simple everyday needs. And the last thing you want is to have them cluttering up your already stressed mind.

Schedule Blocks of Time for Major Projects

This is a tried and true old-school time management hack from the experts and it works even when you’re stressed snd depressed. Pick one major thing you need to accomplish, set aside time to do it and focus on only that until it is complete. Multi-tasking is anxiety on steroids. DO NOT ATTEMPT. One step at a time is how you are going to meet your deadlines.

Be Positive About Every Accomplishment

You got up today, so it’s a good day. You showered and got dressed, even better. Got a little music on while you make breakfast. We’re gonna rock this day out! Be proud of everything you accomplish for the day. Even if it is just to eat upright or read. Become your own personal cheer squad from the moment you start your day to the time you fall asleep. It does wonders for productivity and most importantly, keeping the dark thoughts at bay.

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

The best thing you can do for your depression is to avoid negative triggers. However, if you are in an environment where those triggers are a constant thing, being productive has the dual benefit of keeping you sane and focused on a positive outcome. Managing your time when your world is falling apart isn’t something anyone thinks about when stressed and depressed, but time management may be exactly what you need to feel like a productive member of society once more.



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