How to Answer, “Should I Quit?”

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As more and more people leave their jobs for greener pastures, many more are still wondering, “Should I quit?”. But what they don’t realize is that they will have to answer that question a few more times before they find where they're supposed to be. However, for some, the answer they get may not bring them to the richer fields they envisioned.

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Should I Quit My Job

There are at least 3 times in your entrepreneurial journey when you’ll have to find the answer to should I quit. The first is when you decide to leave your job to become an entrepreneur. But before you wonder if you should quit, you have to ask yourself why you want to quit.

Right now, for many new hustle seekers and wannabe entrepreneurs, the internet looks like the next gold rush. If that is your reason to quit, then your answer to should I quit, should be no. If you don’t have a real reason aside from chasing money to be online, don’t quit your day job.

If you are generally unhappy with your life and seeking a change, then I still wouldn’t advise quitting a comfortable, well-paying position to go chase the clouds. Should I quit is not even the question you need to be asking. You should be asking, who am I or what do I want in life, or what brings me joy.

Before you quit your job, make sure you know what you want to do with your life and what type of person you want to become. Don’t quit your job without a plan or to go chase ‘easy’ money on the internet. Unless the digital lifestyle is your calling, stick to your day job.

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Should I Quit This Business

Oh yeah, the internet ‘easy’ money people don’t tell you about this. You may end up quitting the internet life as well. In fact, only 25% of new businesses survive until the fifth year and many don’t make any money for six months to 2 years. And in the added stress of working harder than you ever did before in your life and should I quit becomes a daily mantra in your head.

Why do you think successful entrepreneurs sometimes cry tears of joy after they make it? It is a long and arduous process sometimes 5 to 10 years in the making to see the millionaire success stories you see online. The money they rake in is not from instant money schemes, but from solid business strategy and consistent daily effort.

If you are not willing to sacrifice months and years of nothing to turn it into something, then yes, you should quit. If you can see yourself doing this for the rest of your life with no money, then keep going, the money will come. And if you hit a roadblock and you don’t want to quit, check the viability of the idea, plan, and efforts.

Every entrepreneur reaches a stage in their early business life where they are faced with either going back to their day job or giving it their all. And when you are faced with the question should I quit, you need to face reality and seriously access your chances of business survival. If it’s too hard for you to ditch the rose-colored glasses, then let a mentor, investor, or a trusted friend bring some much-needed clarity to your vision.

Should I Quit?

Should I Quit, Now?

So, you get over the newbie hump and are now a fully functioning business then a major setback occurs. Money loss or business slows or some other business growing pain that takes a chunk of your already strained sanity. And like the serpent in the garden, should I quit pops into your head.

This is one time, you definitely should not quit. However, there are people who didn’t face the should I quit question before this. They achieved short-term quick success without struggle thinking this is how it works until they realized that short-term money doesn’t guarantee long-term success.

This occurs when you use the easy money strategy to build a ‘business’. You advertised without a strategy and forget branding and focus solely on sales. This will get you money, but not referrals or repeat buyers and you'll end up outspending on ads more than you earn.

Too often this is the result of those who bought courses or ‘instant business’ packages that promised a smooth ride to the top. Or in plain English, you were scammed. And now the real question is, should you start over?

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Quit if You Must But Start Over With Why

For many of us, ‘should I quit’, really shouldn’t be in the equation. Perhaps should I start over is a better option because maybe a redo is what we really need to meet our goals. Instead of rushing to quit, pause and see if you are the problem and not the situation.

Quitting should never be done without an answer to why. And if your why is only to make more money or you are just fed up with where you are in life, then you should not quit…not yet anyway. Don’t quit until you figure out what kind of future you want and the necessary steps you need to take to get there.

Maybe we can be better at what we do now and learn valuable lessons for what we need to do later.

Even if you do choose to quit your job now, don’t make quitting pattern for problem solving. Problem-solving is an entrepreneurial trait and if you can’t figure out what you want, then you shouldn’t start anything. And if you are quitting your business, then your first answer to should I quit was obviously the wrong one.




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