The Harsh Reality of the Un-vaccinated

If it feels like I’m ranting then I’m ranting.

Let me start off by saying, I am one of those people against forced vaccinations. (You can leave now if you think you’ll catch something by reading this) But if this bothers you without reading my reasons then mandatory vaccinations will be the least of your problems. Also, I have quite a few family members who are also vaccinated and unvaccinated. And we socialize together constantly. I’m gonna let that marinate before carrying on.

You less judgy now?

Are we good to go?


Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

First of all, there are two sets of the unvaccinated. People who never vaccinate and those who are against this particular vaccine. I’m speaking for the ones against this particular vaccine who have no problem with getting vaccinated; they just want the choice of getting vaccinated.

But that makes no sense! What’s the difference? You still have to get vaccinated anyway?

True, but not with the threat of job loss.

You see the main reasons behind the refusal to get the vaccine are the couple of red flags it raised:-

  • They finally admitted lab creation after the bat hoax
  • There was an early natural cure that WHO dismissed without testing
  • They said it was voluntary then changed it to mandatory
  • They are clearly still testing the vaccine on an unwilling population
  • They offered the vaccine to the sick and dying first who shouldn’t be taking the vaccine in the first place.
  • They admitted the vaccine is rushed at first but then later claimed years of testing
  • You still have to wear a mask and social distance after vaccination
  • Vaccination deaths are not being disclosed
  • You still have to get vaccinated after recovering from Covid 19
  • The vaccine exemption list that includes the makers of the vaccine

Desperation Surrounds the Vaccine

In fact, the last reason is why a lot of them refused to get vaccinated. Why are you forcing it on us if you, the FDA, and your own employees get a pass based on OSHA? Yellow fever and measles are just as contagious and deadly and no one forced anybody to do anything. If I’m vaccinated, why do I have to still wear a mask if the vaccine works? Oh, apparently as a vaccinated person you can still spread Covid. So, what’s the point of forcing the vaccine in me if I CAN STILL SPREAD COVID?

People get mad at the unvaccinated when they ask them these questions and say crap like it’s to protect other people or it’s to protect yourself. Bitch! I’m still getting covid with the vaccine and spreading it? What the hell is you saying?

Not even doctors and nurses can give you a valid answer to this question. They start talking about herd immunity …but correct me if I’m wrong, you can get herd immunity without the vaccine, so again…what the hell are you talking about?

Then there are those who recovered from Covid and still have to take the vaccine. In fact, a nurse is in Federal courts fighting this. According to high school level biology, it takes two years or more for that natural immunity to even begin to wear off. So she shouldn’t need a vaccine for another two years. Yet the minute she was out of the hospital they wanted her vaccinated.

Again, why the desperate rush to vaccinate people who don’t even need vaccination?

I’m sure you remember the way everyone jumped down Nikki Minaj’s throat when she recommended doing your research first. What you don’t know is after she made those statements CNN and other news networks attempted to seek out the cousin’s friend through threats and intimidation. Why is this not on the news? Because they never got their story. According to the press, the cousin was never found and the story was dismissed as a hoax. In reality, people rallied around and protected the families because they realized it wasn’t the truth CNN was looking for; it was a way to change the story. How do I know this? I saw them with my own two eyes and people sent out DM’s warning of them coming. This is what goes on behind the curtain of the Covid 19 vaccine tales. The full story goes deeper, but I’m not a brave investigative reporter or Nikki Minaj famous and I like my life.)

WHO approved a vaccine created by the people who created the problem?

Then there is the history of the vaccine and Covid 19.

When a certain US President said it was lab-created, people called him a mad man. Less than two years later they confirmed it. Then in a desperate turn say that is the reason they came up with the vaccine so quickly because the research was always there.

Now let me walk you through that statement.

You’re saying that the man-made disease you made had a cure for it all the time and you waited until it ravaged the world and the economies before releasing it. You’re saying that this was a planned disease probably for some ‘enemy’ and we are paying for it with our health and lives and yet YOU still want the power to tell US what to do. That’s what you’re saying.

Now that that’s settled.

Next issue with mandatory vaccinations. No medical or health testing before or after. No insurance claims after. This vaccine can kill you and your loved one and no one will be held accountable. Not the government asshole that created the disease. Not the health services and not even the insurance companies. Your family has even less to get if you die from the Covid vaccine than from Covid.

Recently, former Secretary of State Colin Powell died of covid 19 even though he was fully vaccinated before the end of the day, that story changed to he died from health complications due to covid 19. A simple twist of words to say it wasn’t the vaccine, it was Covid. But isn’t the vaccine’s job to protect you from Covid? And why was he vaccinated when he knew he was a health risk? I’ll tell you why; because of the vaccine narrative.

Before I considered getting vaccinated I went to a doctor and I’m glad I did. It’s sad when they don’t even perform a basic medical check-up before shoving that needle in your arm. Because if they did, they would discover there are a few people who cannot or should not take the vaccine. Especially if it’s Pfizer the heart killer. If your heart is weak, Pfizer or Moderna, for that matter is not for you. People with lifestyle diseases and conditions they were born with now have to broadcast their secret fight to everybody because of vaccination mandates. Imagine having a non-medical person questioning why you’re not vaccinated and threatening you with bodily harm and job loss because you don’t want to expose your medical history for the world to see.

Then is a simple fact that no one address is that science can be flawed. That’s why the best doctors and nurses are constantly learning. Things change. What they are telling you about the vaccine today may not be true a year, five years, or ten years from now. A hypothesis can be true now, but long-term testing can reveal flaws in those results and by then the damage would’ve already have been done.

Why is nobody questioning why nurses and doctors are against vaccines?

This is the harsh reality of the unvaccinated.

All because you have critical thinking skills (which is a highly sought-after job skill by the way), common sense, or a medical condition that doesn’t allow for vaccination, or maybe you’re pregnant and fear for your unborn child.

Then there is Big Pharma. The biggest reason why trusting this vaccine is a bitter pill to swallow. At the early onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, Madagascar declared they found a natural cure for the disease. WHO (World Health Organization) dismissed the claims without setting foot on Madagascar. They never went to test it. Madagascar has since withdrawn its membership from WHO.

That is reason enough not to want this vaccine. If you found a cure before millions of lives were lost and dismissed it without checking then health isn’t your business anymore. Profit is. WHO would rather pump you full of 3 unnecessary Pfizer or Moderna vaccines before giving you a cheap natural alternative. This is why they also took a long time to approve Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine. It was a single dose and wasn’t killing quite enough people while hiding its side effects enough. Only recently have the other vaccines started listing side effects due to the backlash for non-disclosure.

Basically, the unvaccinated (at least the ones against this particular vaccine) are being punished for thinking. For questioning what they are hearing and being shown and being threatened to disregard evidence of family members who have gotten sick and died from the Covid vaccines with job loss and more regulations. Does that seem right to you? Do you think punishing the people that think and question is right? If you think that then enjoy that 9–5 because one day they can change a law that says you have to stay chained to your desk for …security reasons and at that time you won’t get to question or think.

If you’re not questioning anything that anyone in a leadership position is doing then why do you vote? It doesn’t matter who’s up there. They can do what they want because you don’t question and you just follow orders. And by that token, since you’re such a good little pet, why are you questioning the unvaccinated? It literally doesn’t affect YOU. The vaccine isn’t protecting you so why are we letting the powers that be punish ALL of us for non-compliance?

Do you know how they are doing that?

Because you, our fellow citizens, are helping them. This isn’t about a vaccine. It isn’t even about Covid 19. It stopped being about health the minute Madagascar’s cure was refused. That is the harsh reality that the unvaccinated are seeing. They see how they are using this vaccine to assimilate power and tighten the leash on the lower classes because vaccine mandates don’t apply to the wealthy. They get to choose.

Lucky for me, I live in a country filled with its own natural cure. (Not Madagascar) So vaccinated or unvaccinated, I have a natural way available to me to beat Covid 19. So while WHO is forcing vaccinations around the globe, my family, friends, and I will be drinking that the natural cure nature has provided and staying Covid free.



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